New Technology for Lebanon Municipal Court

Funding from Supreme Court of Ohio Advances Public Access to Justice

The Supreme Court of Ohio recently announced the Lebanon Municipal Court will receive a technology grant from the Supreme Court of Ohio.

“Technology, with all its fast-developing capabilities, can never replace the fair and impartial minds in the legal system,” said Chief Justice O’Connor. “But it can provide the capacity to improve the operation of the courts, thereby improving service to the public.”

Reducing paperwork and data entry removes barriers and makes it easier for Ohioans to interact with the justice system. Technology funding to local courts across the state has been a priority of Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor since 2015. A total of $35 million in technology grants has been provided to local courts.

The Lebanon Municipal Court will use the $115,000.00 it receives this year to update its software and case management system.

 “This grant will allow the Court to better serve our community and allow our staff to work more efficiently,” said Lebanon Municipal Court Judge Martin E. Hubbell.  “And we could not have secured this grant without the tireless efforts of our Director of Court Administration and Probation, Kristy Whaley.”

“Our Court can embrace technological advancements like every other institution that provides a service,” said Kristy Whaley.  “The time our legal professionals and Court staff save through technology is time that can be dedicated to the people of Lebanon and Turtlecreek Township.”

The Ohio courts’ increased use of technology ensured consistent and effective operation of the judicial system during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Once the benefit of technology was demonstrated, it is here to stay in the justice system. Courts across the state have used the funds for electronic dockets, text and email reminders of upcoming court dates, remote access courtroom technology and more.

In 2022, technology grants funding totals more than $3 million for projects by 48 courts in 36 counties. The annual grants are available to any court of appeals, common pleas, municipal or county court.  Applications open each spring and are reviewed on a competitive basis.

A full list of grant recipients can be found online at:

Lebanon Municipal Court Contact:  Kristy Whaley at 513-228-3191
Supreme Court Contact: Lyn Tolan at 614-387-9250