The City of Lebanon Secures $4 Million Grant for the Glosser Road Pump Station

The City of Lebanon is honored to receive a $4 million grant from the Ohio Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Grant Program to support needed improvements to the Glosser Road Pump Station.

The Glosser Road Pump Station receives almost all of the sanitary flow from Lebanon before it is pumped five miles south to Lebanon’s Wastewater Treatment Plant. To prevent excess sewer flow from flowing into Turtle Creek during heavy rain events, a four million gallon flow equalization basin was constructed in 2004. While this was effective in significantly reducing the number of overflows, it did not completely solve the problem.

The City has been working with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) and Burgess & Niple to identify a permanent, long-term solution. The solution requires a complete replacement and upgrade of the pump station facility, a project estimated to cost $9 million, which will not only fix the immediate problem, but will also support the additional flow generated from growth in the community.

The Ohio Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Grant Program provides the City with an opportunity to offset a significant portion of the local project expenses, allowing the City to invest in other core service areas and keep utility rates low.

“The economic growth that this project supports is good not only for Lebanon, but also Warren County and the State. I want to thank our Public Works Director, Darren Owens, and the Burgess & Niple design team for their hard work on this project. We are very grateful for the funding being provided towards this project from the State, and are thankful for all involved with making this grant a reality.” – Scott Brunka, City Manager