Together We Thrive: When we talk about them, we are talking about us!

This Together We Thrive article is authored by Zach McDaniel, Prevention Educator for Talbert House Prevention Services serving Clinton & Warren County

What comes to mind when you think of October in Ohio? Do you imagine pumpkins, leaves and perfect weather? Is it candy, costumes and black cats? October is a favorite time of year; marked by hoodies and pumpkin spice.  But did you know, that October is also:

  • Health Literacy Month
  • ADHD Awareness Month
  • Bullying Prevention Month
  • Mental Illness Awareness Week (First week of October)
  • OCD Awareness Week (Second week of October)
  • National Health Education Week (Third week of October)
  • National Depression Screening Day (October 8)
  • World Mental Health Day (October 10)

“Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others and make choices. Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood.”

We hear a lot about mental health; in the news, on-line, and in workplace trainings. But is it a concern here? In Ohio? In Lebanon? These are legitimate questions with a definitive answer. Yes!

  • 1 in 5 Ohioan’s report being told at some point in their life they have some form of depression
  • Ohio adults living in rural communities’ report more mentally distressed days than their metropolitan counterparts
  • Ohio woman report higher levels of stress than men
  • 37% of 19 to30 year-old Ohioans report a lack of companionship

Source: Ohio Medicaid Assessment Survey

It’s not all bad news….

Despite these alarming trends Lebanon is uniquely set up to thrive and respond to the needs of its citizens. Lebanon, as the seat of Warren County, is home to the Mental Health & Recovery Board of Warren and Clinton Counties as well as:

  • Abuse & Rape Crisis Shelter
  • Beech Acres Parenting Center
  • Butler Behavioral Health
  • Solutions Community Counseling and Recovery Centers
  • Talbert House

For a full breakdown of all of the providers within the MHRBWCC Network Provider Guide Click HERE

Let this October be celebrated with access to care and reducing stigma.  To learn more about behavioral health, the continuum of care, and available prevention services check out the Talbert House Prevention Services Lunch and Learn this November.
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Getting personally involved in the fight against Stigma

“Everyone has a stake in fighting stigmatization. With around 1 in 5 Americans suffering from a mental illness over the course of a year, chances are pretty good you either are, have been, or are close to someone bearing the burden by stigma. The fight to reduce that burden really should involve everyone.

Todd Essig; Three Ways to Fight the Stigma of Mental Illness

  1. Support: Recognize and support the fight against the stigma around mental health. Spread awareness this October. Post online, talk to a local organization, have a conversation with friends and loved ones.
  2. Tell your Story: Help break down the “them not us” myth. People telling the story of how they, or their loved ones, experience distress, depression, and emotional distress makes it real and present. Truth destroys stigma.
  3. Stop perpetuating it: Don't make things worse. If you insult someone by saying they’re “crazy” or “nuts” you’re perpetuating stigma. Habits and engrained sayings are difficult to break. This makes it even more important to start today and not delay. Words matter, and subtle messages are powerful.

 This fall, as we enjoy our pumpkin spice coffee, scarecrows and apple orchards, don’t forget the importance of mental health, spreading awareness and combatting stigma. Because when we talk about them, we are talking about us!

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