The City of Lebanon Police Department Providing Care Backpacks to the Homeless

The City of Lebanon Police Department is working to provide basic and immediate needs for the area’s homeless population and individuals in need until further care requirements can be assessed through a partnership with Hope Church in Mason. Through this partnership, Hope Church has generously donated care backpacks that contain essential items such as socks, t-shirts, toiletries and a note of encouragement that will be available for Lebanon Police Officers to distribute on an as-needed basis.

The care backpacks are a part of the outreach efforts of the City of Lebanon Police Department’s chaplaincy program to help serve as an advocate for community and quality of life issues in Lebanon by properly aligning needs with local resources.

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LPD Care Backpacks 2

LPD Care Backpacks 3

LPD Care Backpacks 4

For more information about the City of Lebanon Police Department, visit the LPD's webpage