Lebanon Fire Station Project-Thank You For Your Support !

A key component of the Fire Department Levy that was recently approved is supporting the construction of a new fire station to replace the existing Station 41 on W. Silver St.  The Existing fire station building was originally constructed as a laundromat in the 1950’s, and converted to a fire station by the City in the 1980’s.  At the time, the City’s fire operations was strictly a volunteer department.  The existing building is not able to support the needs of a modern, 24/7 fire operation.  Once the department moves into the fire station, the existing building will be repurposed and sold for private use.

The City has awarded a construction contract with Graybach Construction to build a new 19,000 square feet fire station that will be located on N. Broadway Avenue adjacent to the Warren County fairgrounds property.  Based on an emergency response time study conducted, this location was determined to be the preferred location to serve the City. 

The new building will include a 4-vehicle bay, bunk rooms, firefighter / EMT living areas, office, and training spaces to support the department.  Construction will begin this Fall and is scheduled for completion in late 2021.