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Drinking & Driving
Drinking and driving facts:
  • Drugs other than alcohol, such as marijuana and cocaine, are involved in about 18% of motor-vehicle driver deaths. These other drugs are generally used in combination with alcohol. (NHTSA 1993)
  • Drunk driving is the number one traffic safety problem across the nation.
  • Drunk driving is the leading cause of death of young people ages 15 - 24.
  • An alcohol-related motor vehicle crash kills someone every 31 minutes and non-fatally injures someone every two minutes. (NHTSA 2004)
  • Each year, alcohol-related crashes in the United States cost about $51 billion.
  • On Friday and Saturday nights, one out of every 10 drivers are drunk.
  • There are more than 25,000 Americans that die yearly as a result of drunk driving.

Drunk Driving Penalties
If you think that drunk-driving penalties in the United States are tough (Ohio: three days in jail, a $500 fine, and a 30-day license suspension), consider these countries:
  • Australia - The names of drunk drivers are sent to the local newspapers and are printed under the heading "He's Drunk and in Jail."
  • England - The driver receives one-year supervision, a $250 fine, and one year in jail.
  • Finland and Sweden - The driver receives one year in jail.
  • France - The driver receives a three-year loss of license, one year in jail, and a $1,000 fine.
  • Malaysia - The driver is jailed. If he is married, his wife goes to jail with him.
  • Norway - The driver receives three weeks in jail at hard labor and a one-year loss of license. With the second offense within five years, the driver's license is revoked.
  • Poland - The driver receives jail, a fine, and enforced attendance at political lectures.
  • San Salvador and Bulgaria - The drunk driver is given another chance. Upon the second offense, the driver is executed.
  • South Africa - The drunk driver is given a 10-year sentence, a fine of $10,000, or both.
  • Turkey - Drunk drivers have a long journey ahead of them. Police take them 20 miles from town and force them to walk back.