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Crime Prevention
Crime-Prevention Programs
The Lebanon Division of Police has a Crime Prevention / Community Relations function within the police division. that provides the community with education in crime prevention and assists the Patrol and Investigation functions. The Crime Prevention / Community Relations function offers many programs throughout the year to the community for all age groups.

Bicycle Safety Camp
The Bicycle Safety Camp is a three-day program designed to instruct individuals in bicycle maintenance and proper riding techniques, such as hand signals and emergency stops. During the camp, students watch videos, maneuver through an obstacle course, and learn to ride safely on the road. Bicycles are provided for the children to use during the camp and each child is given a bicycle helmet. This camp is geared to children ages 8 and older.

Child Identification
The police department has two programs for child identification - fingerprinting and DNA. In the event that a child is lost, the information obtained may be useful in locating your child. The police department offers this program at various times throughout the year at locations throughout the City.

Child Safety Seats
Ptl. Jon Oehler is trained in the installation of child safety seats. For more information contact Ptl. Jon Oehler at (513) 228-3323.

Children on the Internet
June is National Internet Safety Month. What America’s children can see and do online is a major concern for parents, educators, and law enforcement ever since the Internet became widely-available. Although the Internet provides children with many educational benefits, it also presents dangers.

Dangers of the Internet
The main issues that face children on the Internet are:
  • Bullying / harassment through email and chat rooms
  • Exposure to inappropriate material
  • Legal / financial errors - giving out parents credit card number
  • Luring or intent of physical molestation
  • Plagiarism and other intellectual property issues

Tips for Parents
While much of the responsibility for supervising children falls with the parents, children themselves need to be taught how to act responsibly and be safe online. The following tips are some starting points to help:
  • Agree on list of rules and post by the computer.
  • Consider using family-safe search engines.
  • Don’t be judgmental if children tell you about websites that are inappropriate.
  • Encourage an attitude of healthy skepticism towards websites.
  • Establish rules for online purchases.
  • Instruct your children not give out personal information.
  • Never let children meet someone online.
  • Talk to your kids. Keep communication open.
  • Tell your children to never reveal their address or real name.
  • Tell your children that no pictures, letters, or phones calls should be given.
  • Use software filters or rating systems.

Reporting Internet-Related Crimes
Internet-related crimes need to be reported to your local police department or Internet service provider.

Community Watch
This program brings neighborhoods together as a group to train the individuals how to report crimes and identify problem areas in their neighborhood. This program helps the community and police to work together on problems that are associated in their neighborhoods.

Operation Identification
Operation Identification is a crime-prevention program designed to address burglary prevention in homes and businesses. The police division will assist homeowners to properly mark and identify property and to take an inventory of the contents of their home or business. Additionally, a crime prevention survey is conducted to identify weaknesses in and around the home and business to prevent and deter burglary and theft. The survey is confidential and is left with the owner.

The police department receives more than 1,000 visitors annually. The police department offers tours to groups and organizations by appointment. The tour gives the community an opportunity to view the police division and the equipment that is available. To schedule a tour specific to the needs of your group, contact Capt. Michael McCutchan.