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Current City Projects
Monroe Road Improvements
The City of Lebanon has contracted with Milcon Concrete Inc. for major improvements to Monroe Road. Construction is tentatively scheduled to be completed in two distinct phases: water main replacement and road improvements. The water main replacement will begin on September 30, 2019, and will continue for approximately two months. The road will then be reopened for the winter with minimal or no construction activity. Beginning early spring, the road improvements will begin and continue for approximately four months.

The project will include resurfacing, the complete removal and replacement of the curb, replacement of portions of the sidewalk on the north side of the road, and installation of a bike path on the south side. The water main under the road will be completely replaced with a larger main.

To ensure a consistent traffic pattern and to increase safety for both the public and construction crews, traffic maintenance will be as follows:

  • During active construction, Monroe will be reduced to a single lane with one-way traffic toward Columbus Ave. Only eastbound traffic will be allowed on Monroe between Horseshoe Falls Dr and Columbus Ave, westbound traffic will not be permitted on Monroe during active construction. A posted detour will be provided and is also shown in the figure below.

Monroe Detour.jpg

Dave Avenue Reconstruction
The City of Lebanon has contracted with R. B. Jergens Contractors for the reconstruction of Dave Avenue. Construction is tentatively scheduled to begin on October 7, 2019 with an anticipated completion will be in mid-December, 2019.
The project will include the complete removal and replacement of the pavement, curb, and portions of the sidewalk. Addition of sidewalk where none currently exists will be included, as well as the rehabilitation of a portion of the sanitary sewer main.
The project will be performed in two phases:

  • The first phase will be a complete closure of Dave Avenue between Main Street and just to the north of Gold Star’s Entrance. No traffic will be permitted on the closed portion of the roadway during this phase. Traffic will not be affected north of the closure area. Traffic will be detoured to Mound Street and Mound Court.  This phase will be completed during the first week in November.

Dave Phase 1.jpg

  • The second phase will start in the first week of November and will take place from where the first phase ended and will go to the cul-de-sac. Traffic will be permitted on the area that was closed during the first phase, and access will be maintained to the retirement home and the apartments at the end of Dave Avenue, but will not be permitted between Mound Court and the southern end of the closure area. Traffic will be detoured in a similar manner to the first phase.

Dave Phase 2.png

2020 Concrete and Paving Program
The City of Lebanon is currently in the process of performing concrete markings for the 2020 Concrete and Paving Program.  City staff will be inspecting concrete curb & gutter, sidewalks, and driveway aprons along numerous streets throughout the City sometime from October through December of this year.

You can view a map showing the streets included in the 2020 Concrete and Paving Program at the following link: 2020 Concrete and Paving Program Map

City staff will be looking for deficiencies in the concrete that may include, but may not be limited to: broken/missing pieces of concrete, tripping hazards, settlement, and slope issues for sidewalks and cracking, broken/missing pieces of concrete, settlement (lower than curb and/or sidewalk), and slope issues for driveway aprons. If your property has sidewalk blocks and/or driveway apron sections that are in need of replacement, a white ‘X’ will be placed on the defective sidewalk block and driveway apron section. Sections of sidewalk that require replacement related to the installation of a handicap ramp will be marked with a white ‘C’ to indicate City responsibility and that the property owner will not be responsible for the cost of that particular section.

If you have any questions, please call 513-228-3171.