Leaf Collection

About the Leaf Collection Program
One of the services provided to our citizens is the collection of leaves during the months of October through December.  The picked-up leaves are taken to a local compost area or delivered to local farmers (upon request) to use as compost material for their fields.

In order for our crews to collect the leaves more efficiently, we ask for everyone to practice the following items listed below:    
  • Rake your leaves into the street no earlier than one day before, but at least by 7:00 am the first day of your scheduled pick-up date.
  • Rake the leaves about 12 inches away from the curb to allow rainfall to flow down the curb and into the storm inlets.
  • If your street does not have curbs, line up your row of leaves on the pavement as close to the shoulder of the road as possible in order to leave the maximum amount of street surface open for vehicles.
  • If you live on a street that allows on street parking, be a good neighbor and do not rake leaves into the street several days before or anytime right after the scheduled pick up dates.  This can lead to a decrease in the available on-street parking.
  • Make sure there are no foreign objects (tree limbs-ornamental grass-bush trimmings) hidden or placed within the leaf piles. This causes significant damage to our equipment and will cause a delay in the program due to unscheduled repairs.
  • The schedule is created to allow our crews to perform one pass through the scheduled area.  When the crews are  in your zone, crews will be on your street one of the days within the given time slot, not all days.
  • Do not park vehicles in the street until leaves have been removed.

Changes in Schedule
There may be times when the leaf-collection crews will start early in order to get a head start on leaf pick-up. If this occurs, our crews will return to your zone on the scheduled days.

There may also be times when the crews get behind schedule due to inclement weather, equipment problems, or the amount of leaves to be picked up.  It is also typical for us to fall behind during the week before the annual Carriage Parade when we are focused in the downtown area.  Be assured that we will make every effort to be there. Your patience is appreciated.

Leaf Collection Schedule

Snow Delays
In case of snow prior to the leaf collection, leaves raked to the curb for collection will most likely be plowed onto the roadway along with the snow. Depending on the weather, every attempt will be made to collect the leaves remaining or that have been raked back into the street. An early snowfall seriously hampers our leaf collection efforts, because some of the trucks used to pick up leaves would be needed to plow the streets.

More Information
If you should have any questions or concerns, please contact Darren Owens, Director of Public Works at (513) 228-3701. Regular business hours are Monday - Friday, 7:30 am - 4:00 pm.