Criminal Investigation Section

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Detective Sergeant

Name: Nate Trout
Phone: (513) 228-3328

The Criminal Investigations Section works in support of the Patrol Section and is the investigative function within the Police Division. The primary goal of the section is to prevent crime and apprehend violators to ensure a safe environment for the citizens of Lebanon. The section investigates all serious, felony crimes within the City of Lebanon, in addition to assisting less-serious incidents as needed. Types of investigations and inquiries include:
  • Investigations of conditions or circumstances that could result in an increase in traditional crimes
  • Investigations of incidents that are violations of law or City ordinances
  • Personnel investigations
Warren County Drug Task Force
The Lebanon Division of Police  is a member of the Greater Warren County Drug Task Force.  For more information CLICK HERE.

Evidence Technicians
Evidence Technicians collect criminal evidence at the scene of crimes. The Evidence Technicians within the Police Division have a minimum of 80 hours of training in crime scene investigation and evidence identification and collection.  The Evidence Technicians are patrol officers who work in support of the Criminal Investigations Section.

More Information
If you would like additional information on victim / witness assistance, contact Warren County Prosecutor's Office Victim - Witness Division.