Beautification Awards

About the Beautification Program
The Lebanon Beautification Program is intended to recognize residential, business, and rental property owners within the City limits who have enhanced the beauty of Lebanon by either planting flowers, shrubs, or trees and other landscape improvements.

Award Criteria
Properties may receive one beautification award annually. Award criteria:
  • Business - Maximum of one award per month May - October. This category includes apartments.
  • Residential - Maximum of three awards per month May - October. This category includes owner-occupied condos.

Properties may be nominated for consideration by citizens or City staff. Nominations are due on the 20th of each month.

Nomination Forms
You can obtain and submit a nomination form in any of the following ways:

Properties will be evaluated by members of the City’s Shade Tree Commission, the Garden Clubs of Lebanon, and a Master Gardner. Judges will use the following criteria:
  • General Appearance and Compatibility - Overall curb appearance of the property and compatibility with the appearance of the surrounding areas (areas visible from the street)
  • Design - Selection, grouping, placement, and variety of plant material; originality of design
  • Maintenance - Proper on-going maintenance of plantings and upkeep, including weeding, mulching, watering, pruning, and health and vigor of plantings

Beautification winners will have a sign placed in their yard for up to 30 days.