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Butterfly Garden & Mosaic

Home to the Annual Butterfly Release event, the Butterfly Garden has a variety of native, pollinator-friendly plants that bloom throughout the spring and summer.
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Japanese Friendship Garden

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Natural Playscape

A natural playscape allows children to experience unstructured play in a natural environment. In the Miller Ecological Park Playscape, there is a creek to cross, natural boulders and sand, mounds and hills to run on, log balance beams and steps, tunnels and more!
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Shawn Steinke Memorial Labyrinth

The Shawn Steinke Memorial Labyrinth is a walking path at Miller Ecological Park. The Labyrinth as a powerful spiritual tool guides us on a path to healing, deeper self-knowledge, creativity and transformation. It is an ancient pattern re-emerging in our contemporary culture helping us as we seek sacred moments and reconnection with the Divine.

Suggestions on walking the Labyrinth:

  • Before you walk the path, stand at the entrance and think about the gifts you have been given. Think how awesome life is.  
  • In a spirit of gratitude, begin to walk the Labyrinth. Think of letting go of all that troubles you. Shed ALL that holds you back.
  • As you reach the center, be open and empty for new awareness, new awakenings, and new beginnings to emerge.
  • As you walk out from the center, in a gentle spirit of gratitude KNOW that you are engaged in transformation.
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Miller Ecological Park offers nearly three miles of trail, both gravel and natural surface. 
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Welcome Center

The Miller Ecological Park Welcome Center will open in 2023.

The Welcome Center will include restroom facilities, a picnic shelter and storage for volunteer activities. This project was made possible by the partnership between the Miller Ecological Park Trustees, the Warren County Foundation and the City of Lebanon.
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