What is an Ecological Park?MEP DeerIn Miller Ecological Park, facilities and development considerations include a combination of activities representing ecology in the general sense of environment, nature, and natural habitat while providing opportunities for rest and recreation. 

Miller Ecological Park is incorporating many developmental activities designed to maintain natural integrity and site sustainability. The installing of a porous parking lot, and planting a rain garden and wildflower meadows are examples of these activities.

Making an Ecological Park a Reality

The Will and Harriet Miller Ecological Park is a city park in Lebanon, Ohio.

In 1993, Edwin and Margaret Miller sold the property to Lebanon City at a reduced cost so that a park would be built here in memory of parents, Will and Harriet Miller.

During the development of the 2008 City of Lebanon Master Plan for City Parks, it was decided that Miller Park would become an Ecological Park. A fund was created through the Warren County Foundation in August 2009 to support projects that would assist in building the park. The Will and Harriet Miller Ecological Park Fund was created in 2009. The founding trustees included three family members (Katherine Rowland, Nancy Myerholtz, and Mike Mullett) and two community members (Jane Davis and Marsha Ginther). Currently there are seven trustees who oversee the account along with the Warren County Foundation.

The Friends of Miller Ecological Park Steering Committee was formed in November 2009 to involve and organize volunteers and spearhead projects that support the park's mission to develop Miller Park.  Founding members included.  2010 members included: Jane Davis, Tom Hoeffel, Marsha Ginther, Kathie Henry, Nancy Myerholtz, Mike Mullett, Katherine Rowland, Bonnie and Bill Stalter, and Carrie Vaughan.  Advisors included Scott Brunka, City of Lebanon, and Henry Brockman, WCF.

MissionMEP Path PreservationMEP Brick PathThe Mission of the Miller Ecological Park Fund Trustees is to build awareness of, educate about, and raise funds for the benefit of the Miller Ecological Park Fund in order to develop the Park as a great resource for passive recreation, environmental education/demonstration, and preservation/restoration of natural features.

The Mission of the Steering Committee of Friends of Miller Ecological Park is to provide opportunities for environmental education and stewardship through the preservation of the area's natural heritage.