Comprehensive Permit
A comprehensive permit is required for all new and replacement water services, sanitary laterals, curbing, drive aprons, sidewalks, driveways, sump line connections, connections to storm sewers, and lawn sprinkler systems.  A comprehensive permit is also required for all sanitary lateral and water service line repairs.

Right-of-Way Permits
A Right-of-Way permit is needed for any work taking place within the City of Lebanon's Public Right-of-Way.  There are three types of Right-of-Way permits.  A brief description for each is provided below.

Right-of-Way Minor Maintenance Permit:
This permit is for landscaping, tree planting, temporary occupancy the Right-of-Way for dumpsters, or other obstructions.  This permit does not cover any permanent installation of utilities.

Right-of-Way Work Permit
This permit is for installation of above-ground and below-ground utility lines, or other work involving excavation work in the Right-of-Way.

Right-of-Way Occupancy Permit
This permit applies to new utilities that will be providing service or passing through the City of Lebanon and will be occupying the City's Public Right-of-Way.