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Energy Conservation
Energy Conservation
Sewage Pumps
Energy reduction is a major concern in the collection system and at the WWTP. The two large, raw sewage pumps at the Glosser Road Pump Station operate with a variable speed drive system that matches the pump speed with the influent flow, which reduces energy demand. At the WWTP, one 15-horsepower waste-activated sludge pump was replaced with a one-horsepower-operated pinch valve to control the flow of waste solids from the clarifiers.

Screen Replacement
During the screen-replacement project, all raw-sewage flow was directed to one screen instead of two. This reduced electrical horsepower needs by six horsepower.

Blower Timers
The blowers that aerate the sludge digesters have been put on a timer so that staffing has more operational and energy-reduction control on the solids-handling process. This has reduced the run time of five 15-horsepower motors by five hours per day each.