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Staff Training
Training is an integral part of any organization – employees need to have the skills and knowledge to do their current job and to improve and advance within the department. Training may be relevant to the actual job the person performs or to prepare them to operate new technology and processes. It also helps them prepare for Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) certification exams. It is the goal of the Water and Wastewater Department that each employee obtain some level of certification.

Operator Certification Program
More stringent regulations require that competent, dedicated operators supervise and operate the increasingly-complex water and wastewater facilities. To demonstrate the operator’s knowledge of water and wastewater systems, OEPA has created an operator certification program to show the operator has met the standards required to operate a facility. Visit the OEPA website for more information on certification programs.

OEPA Certifications
OEPA offers certifications in:
  • Wastewater collection - two levels of certification
  • Wastewater treatment - four levels of certification
  • Water distribution - two levels of certification
  • Water supply - four levels of certification

Comprehensive Training
Comprehensive training in all aspects of the department are used to advance an operator's knowledge. Operators may take correspondence classes, classroom classes, online classes, and attend workshops and conferences. In-house training is also employed, and this includes on-the-job training and training on new equipment when it is installed. Cross training between water and wastewater crews is also required to enhance the quality of service delivery.