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Combat Challenge Team
Firefighter Combat Challenge Team
The Firefighter Combat Challenge was developed to showcase physical fitness, inside and outside the fire service. The challenge is about people doing their job safer and better.

Competition Details
Three-to-five-person teams compete individually against the clock wearing full turnout gear (helmet, coat, pants with liners, boots, and gloves) while breathing from SCBA. Competitors provide their own NFPA-approved structural firefighting turnout gear and boots. Airpacks and masks are provided.
An acceptable time is five minutes and an excellent time is three minutes or less. The team time consists of the top three competitor times from each team. The top three teams from each regional event earn bye's into the final day of the National Championship and compete on the Wild Card Day for 10 to 12 spots on the final day.

Challenge Tasks
The challenge tasks are timed and completed sequentially. The course and time start on the following commands from the starter; "Ready on the RED....Ready on the BLUE....SET..." You will then hear an audible sound on which you start. The clock does not stop until all five evolutions have ended.

The tasks are: 
  • Task 1: Stair Climb with High-Rise Pack
    Carry a high-rise standpipe pack (Two 50-foot sections of 1.75-inch hose, weighing approximately 42 pounds) to the fifth floor. The hose load must be deposited in a square marked on the fifth floor.
  • Task 2: Hose Hoist March2010 073.jpg
    From the top of the tower, using a hand-over-hand motion, pull a 5/8-inch rope to hoist a donut roll of LDH hose (45 pounds). This evolution is complete when the donut roll clears the rail and is dropped in the square marked on the floor.
  • Task 3: Forcible Entry
    Using a nine-pound shot mallet and Kaiser Force Machine, drive a 165-pound I-beam five feet. This event is complete when the end of the beam crosses the five-foot line.
  • Task 4: Hose Advance bob combat challenge.jpg
    After walking a distance of 140 feet, pick up a nozzle and move a charged 1 3/4-inch hose straint forward for 75 feet, crack the nozzle, hit a designated target, and place the nozzle on the pavement. Then, walk 30 feet to the next event.
  • Task 5: Victim Rescue russell dummy drag combat challenge.jpg
    Drag a 175-pound victim (SIMULAID's Rescue Randy) a distance of 100 feet. This event (and the course) is complete when both the victim and competitor completely cross the finish line.

Competition Restrictions
The Challenge may only be performed by medically-cleared fire / rescue personnel, since these tasks, like firefighting, require near-maximal effort. All competitors must sign a waiver and release form prior to competition.